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Mistakes Guys Make on Instagram

Today I’m going to share with you the three most critical mistakes that guys make on Instagram. Here are traction killing death sentence mistakes to learn.

NO 1 – They Post Selfies

The number one thing that guys were doing Instagram that they post Selfies that kill attraction with women is that they post. What I’m talking about an angle that’s way closer to your face and it has to be to the point where you almost see the pores in your nose it does not look attractive to women the lighting is terrible.

When you take a strong, it’s really bad. Girls do not like that it’s low-status behavior.

NO 2 – They Like a lot of Pictures in a row


The second thing that guys do and this is even worse than taking selfies is that they like girls pictures in a row in order to get their attention, so when you find a hot new girl on Instagram, you say I want to get her attention, and you start liking pictures. You should not like 10, 15, 20 even 40 pictures in a row to get her attention to fill her news feed with only you or what that does that was the quickest way to destroy any attraction that you potentially had with her. Because you do it too much it’s wrong you look like a thirsty for girls, so they don’t like that.

They want to go after a guy not have a guy go after them in that kind of way cuz a lot of guys do that and grocer.

No 3 – Bad Profile

And number three the way that you destroy attraction with women is that you have a very bad profile. You don’t have some followers and lack of info. So its batter to buy active Instagram followers from SEO scholor. If you have no information about yourself where you’re from? What do you do? if she does look at it going to look at it so I don’t know anything about him you can have one chance for a woman to look at your profile already knows what she saw and it doesn’t attract doing these three mistakes y

Top Five Tips to Grow Your Business like Skyrocket on Instagram


  1. Use Online Tools to Create Your Graphics

For your graphics, you should use different graphics tools, but canva is very user-friendly yet extremely useful to make beautiful images. You can quickly add elements to your pictures and text to make the design Photoshop.

2.      Utilize sponsor ads

Utilize sponsor ads now ever since Facebook or Instagram they have added the sponsored ads feature on Instagram. So this adds a new dimension for the business trying to reach because you can make pictures and video posts into an ad that seamlessly goes into a Target.

I know it’s cool, but Instagram pretty much grab people’s attention you don’t have these desensitize ads anymore like through these others from your company’s so by discreetly having your ads and the users use feed depending on the ad you can easily engage with your audience through in Surprise

3.      Don’t Forget Hashtags

People do not think much about the hashtags but hashtags are searched rims, and if you become successful in creating the hashtag related to your product then it will give you benefit a lot.

For example, you can create a name for your followers into a hashtag itself now if you look at it sport teen celebrities and hard-core brand followings utilize. It’s also great what if we try and you’re hard-core followers on your website as well a great example are e-commerce sites not if you sell apparel, or in a physical product line you can have your customers post a selfie with the product and future them into your website. This will add more authenticities your brand along with social proof because you have real people using your product and with this you can get a lot of free Instagram followers and likes.

4.      Instagram Profile

Another great way to get more readers and dealership to your blog is utilizing your Instagram profile. By only linking your most recent content where that’s video blog post or promotion.

5.     Make Partnership with Influencers

And our last tip is to make the partnership with influential. There are a lot of people on Instagram that make money from paid posts, so by seeing your product, you can easily find the influencers in your niche that have great audience And then ask them to post your product.

It’s one of the older plays in the book but product placement is still very powerful today we see the movies magazines TV shows, and it’s not going away anytime soon. So what Instagram is just another venue that you could use her I’ll use it for actual figures.


In conclusion my friend there is no better was your visit to be active on Instagram this platform is always changing and making vast Improvement. Individual eyes and get more out of it now it’s just another great sorcerer traffic as well as brand recognition in today’s internet.