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Shotgun Shooting Tips


One important thing for to remember as gun keepers know the working mechanisms of your gun particularly how the safety works the gun. Before holding your gun in your hand in a field gun satisfy yourself with its use and with its safety. Typically what you want for hunting one of the things about a field gun is every time it is closed and the safety automatically goes on once the safety is on it should not be taken off unless it’s in the process of the shot as you start to mount your gun. As you mount the gun safety off shot taken gun broken returned to a safe position I think it’s very important that we as gamekeepers remember that shotgun and shooting is very much a hand I coordinated sports. More like tennis or golf or baseball, it’s not at all like shooting a rifle or shooting a pistol. Where you’re aiming it is very important that you know the proper stance and you want your stance to be inside the frame of your body you.

Shotgun tips:

Don’t apart your feet any more than shoulder-width apart if you’re a right-handed shooter you want the left foot pointing somewhat in the direction that you think you may be shooting. When mounting the shotgun you into very deliberate motions you’re walking up dogs going point your shells or in you close your gun you then come through the alert position. By the alert position I mean being alongside the trigger guard gun not quite tucked up under your arm. Once the birds flush you want to make the second motion you want to mount and swing all at the same time it is very important that when you’re mounting you’re focused on the target you bring the gun to your face you get your nose over toes. Safety all swing and fire bring the gun back to a safe position and break it open you should not be looking at the bead or the barrel of the gun you should have your focus on the target. And it will take time once you get to focus on the target you want to learn to focus on one spot on the target and that will help to ensure the accuracy of your shot. For the best accuracy, you should use any scope so you can hit the right target as Hunting Mark reviewed some top picks.

These are the beginning tips for using the shotgun on hunts but it needs lots of practice. Keep practicing to achieve your goal.


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